Tanya  Winters was a forme rprostitute who was once a member of the Vice Kings before being killed by Ben King who stepped on her fingers causing her to fall on Benjamin King's car breaking her neck. She reappears in Saints Row IV as a reprogrammed ally of the Saints. She also appears in Saints Row IV:What the hell is going on where she is brought back to life by Millkos. She then explains that she wants to own a habadashery. She and Ben King then have an awkward conversation which ends with insults and vitriool on both's part. She is also revealed to have a boyfriend named Jeffrey. She also has a mother named Stevie and a father named Lamar. She also states that she is biracial and was bullied by kids because of it which lead to her slicing the bullys throat with a screwdriver. She was sent to juvenile hall until 21. She also states that when she was 25 she joined the Vice Kings and slept her way to her lutenant position. She also states that she was driven to depression by abusive pimps. The protagonist explaijns to Tanya that after she was killed by Benjamin King the Ultor corporation tried to reprogram Stillwater to a wealthy utopia backed by lefty billionaire Rocky Montague[Which means a lot of liberals are hypocrites who looked the other way when Rocky and Vogel tried to turn Stillwater into their own paradise contrary to what Anna says] Tanya then freaks out until being calmed down by a sympathetic Ben King which shocks Tanya.