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The Company


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"The Company" is the nickname given to a secret society who wish to rule the multiverse. They approached Mr. Sinister in the "Retcon Timeline" timeline to try and join their cause.


The Company was founded 30 years ago. They oversaw the opening of a gateway to an alien dimension, which later led to the invasion of earth by an alien empire known as the Combine. After the Combine was defeated, the Company worked to use alien technology in order to rule over the multiverse, manipulate time and space and ultimately become supreme rulers.


Sinister and Company

The Company traveled from a timeline dubbed "Earth-2" and sought out potential employers to help them out. They crossed into the "Retcon Timeline" of the Saints Row Fan Fiction Universe and came across the deviant Mr. Sinister, whom they offered to join them. Mr. Sinister agreed and they took them to their own timeline to oversee the Prowler project and Mr. Sinister kidnapped test subjects to be used. But the partnership didn't last when Mr. Sinister's counterpart in Earth-2 named Nathan stopped him and later killed Sinister.


Regardless of Mr. Sinister's death, the Company moved on with their plans for their invasion of the multiverse.

Universal Elite

Company ruler Derek Robertson began to recruit different leaders from alternative universes to join his elite and those that would be at the table. This included Sentient Jack (who has taken on the mantle of Mr. Sinister), The G-Man, Zinyak and Satan. After Derek successfully conquered the Half-Life universe, he used advanced portal technology on a ship known as the Borealis to completely remodel the multiverse, which allowed different bits to merge together and create a world under the Company's control. Thus Sinister-port and City 17 were situated close by.

After Derek's the Company's plans were far from other, as protocol "Rebirth" was launched, which involved a mass zombie outbreak across the multiverse.