The Mighty Whore
The Mighty Whore
Johanna/The Mighty Whore


Stilwater (another reality)




Saints Row: Eyes Of Heaven (unreleased)


Super Slut (partner)
3rd Street Saints


JoJo the HoHo


Human (Enchanted)

The Mighty Whore is the partner of Super Slut and a member of the 3rd Street Saints in from another reality.


When Johanna Jones Joined the 3rd Street Saints She found her self spending quite some time having to deal with menial tasks. The simple stuff. But she always longed for the life of someone like Shaundi who spent time having sex, partying and making money. But after a skirmish with the Sharks, A foreign gang who was shipping ancient artifacts to Stilwater, She was enchanted by The All Seeing Eye, A artifact that granted her all kinds of unnatural powers, awakened due to her deepest desires. After this she decided to take up the mantle of The Mighty Whore and rise up the ranks of the Saints and achieve her dreams. Some time after this she came into a brief conflict with Super Slut (who she quickly learned was Shaundi) and they partnered up as a super duo to deal with the Sharks once and for all.


  • Her super hero name is a parody of Marvel's The Mighty Thor
  • While Super Slut's power is genetic, Mighty Whore's powers are granted through enchantment and magic
  • Briefly appears in Gat Out Of Hell after The All Seeing Eye brings her to New Hades for a few moments to show its power.


The Mighty Whore


Fan Fiction

  • Saints Row: Eyes Of Heaven