The New Hades Families is a gang that takes place after the events of Saints Row Gat Out of Hell. This gang was led by Satan but later is token over by Dex. This gang contains members and lieutenants from The Los Carnales, The Westside Rollers, The Vice Kings, The Brotherhood, The Sons of Samedi, The Ronin, Ultor, STAG, The Syndicate, The Zin, The Space Amazons The Rebels MC(coming soon), The Cosa Nostra(coming soon). Their appearance is orange clothing(if you are a new saints row fan in their was never a orange gang however the orange rival factions were only law enforcement groups.) Many of their appearance are very similar to their old ones but the only thing different is some of the female members have gotten a little thicker and the male members got a little skinnier and they replace their old clothes with some new orange clothes with a matte finish. If the player comes near them they will try to kill the player no matter what.the reason is because they want revenge. They will say quotes like "CATCH THAT NIGGA", "CATCH THAT BITCH".

Rivalry with the 3rd Street Saints

The Rivalry between the 2 is intense but after the saints cleared out the rest of the sets Gat Stabs Dex and the Saints return to earth as God is recreating it.