The Raccoon[real name Carlos Fuerte born august 6th 1977]is the leader of the colombian gang called the ochocincos and a former member of a colombian drug cartel or a former police officer.he was cool-tempered and nice calling his men amigos.He is first bought to the attention of the saints when marcel and pierce expose that he was keeping a cache of weapons hidden in an underground vault located on Mt.Claflin.He was dressed in a purple zoot suit and is always seen drinking whiskey.Despite his appearance he is a ruthless petty thug shooting his enemies for nothing more than looking at him wrong.He looked upon his younger brother Diego Fuerte with contempt.He had one of his henchwomen Angie try to kidnap him but the boss along with gat marcel and shaundi managed to get Diego to safety.Outraged he ordered all saints members or associates to be murdered.however when Johnny's Friend Darlene is murdered this makes him angry.Diego is last seen when he uses his Ar-40 Xtnd to shoot the boss,however johnny smiles evilly and blows him to smithereens with his RPG