The Sinister Three
The Sinister Three series

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Creation date

4th September 2014


Crime, Drama, Comedy, Action

The Sinister Three was a proposed spin-off series set in the Saints Row Universe.

For the gang, see Sinister Three

Plot and details

The players will take control of the 3 main protagonists (also know as the Sinister Three which takes place in an alternate timeline.

The Sinister Three are out to kidnap a bunch of women that the men fell are deemed worthy to fulfill sexual fantasies, especially theirs.

The players can take place in many additional activities, has many options, extra jobs that will further the goals of the Sinister Three.


Mr. Sinister gleefully manages to take over Steelport. With a rush of power and excitement, he decides to celebrate by raping a kidnapped Shaundi and executing Fun Shaundi in front of her, which crushes Shaundi seeing her surrogate sister's death.

Mr. Sinister drives to the foot of the Syndicate Tower in which he makes a speech about his domination of Steelport and that there will be no Saints to stop him. Back at Safeword, Viola assures a broken Shaundi they will get revenge, although Shaundi appears to have given up hope.

An after credit title says that the story will continue...

Abilities and features


Snatch a ho

In this, the Sinister Three are required to abduct targets for their crime ring.
L Target Location Description
1 Vanessa Robertson
Vanessa Robertson
Stilwater University, Stilwater Mr. Sinister's precious girl

Mr. Sinister has given us permission to use his daughter Vanessa as part of our grand scheme. She is said to hang around the University District in Stilwater.
Notes: Only Mr. Sinister can't do the job.

2 Sarah Guthrie
Sunnyvale Gardens, Stilwater
Old school sweetheart

Mr. Sinister has gotten us a contact from his youth.

3 Mayor Reynolds
Burt Reynolds SR3
Loren Square, Steelport Literally Butt-fucking-Reynolds

Mayor Reynolds is doing some publicity for the next election. What, did you think all our clients liked the hot young girls?
Police Notoriety: 4 stars

4 Jessica
Espina, Steelport Quick Divorce

Montgomery: Rather than go through all the divorce proceedings or problems, can one of you guys just snatch her for me? The money I will pay you for this job is far less than the court fees. Watch out for her new partner, but don't hold back killing him.

5 Matt Miller
Matt Miller SRTT
Ashwood, Steelport Snatch a pussy

A strange request, but anyway a certain masked client is interested in this target and will pay big towards us if we get him. Who are we to judge with a deal like that?

6 Zindsay
Sunset Park, Steelport Ziniphilia

Now with large alien presence there are a few people willing to try out new things. Be careful with this one, female Zin are hard to come by. Drop her off at our private doctor and have her sterlised, we don't want any weird cross breeding going on.
Zin Notoriety: 3 Stars



Main characters

Supporting characters


  • Jezebel was to be a potential target of the Sinister Three, however was removed along with her father Satan.




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