Timeline for Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet

Things may change overtime as the series progresses.


April 14th


July 3rd


September 27th


November 17th


December 10th

  • Oleg Kirrlov was born in Russia, Moscow.


January 27th

June 18th


October 30th

  • Carlos Mendoza was born.


May 9th

  • Aisha was born in Stilwater, Saints Row.

June 1st


August 28th


December 19th


January 31st


March 9th


February 19th


  • Ultor starts out as a clothing company.


Around January-March

  • Lin was killed by William Sharp.
  • The Westside Rollerz was defeated and their leaders (William Sharp and Joseph Price) were killed.
  • The Los Carnales was defeated and their leaders (Hector Lopez and Angelo Lopez) were killed.
  • The Vice Kings was defeated and their leaders (Big Tony, Warren Williams and Tanya Winters) were killed.
  • Benjamin King leaves Stilwater.

March 27

Between 2006-2011

  • Benjamin King writes Regicide and becomes one of the best selling books.


February 7th

  • Johnny Gat was arrested for trying to kill Troy Bradshaw.


March 9th

March 10th

Around March-August

  • The Sons of Samedi was defeated and their leaders (Veteran Child, Mr Sunshine and The General) were killed.
  • Aisha was killed by Jyunichi.
  • The Ronin was defeated and their leaders (Shogo Akuji, Jyunichi and Kazuo Akuji) were killed.
  • Carlos was mercy killed by The Protagonist after the Brotherhood fatality injures him.
  • The Brotherhood was defeated and their leader (Maero and his girlfriend Jessica) were killed.


  • Saints Row 2 ends (Main Story): Dane Vogel was killed.
  • Ultor's secrets get's exposed.
  • Dex goes into hiding.


  • The Saints enter a business relationship with Ultor.


March 4th

  • The Saints become public icons and some members members change their appearance.

May 9th

  • Shaundi get's her own dating show called "I wanna sleep with Shaundi", and begins development.

May 16th

July 7th

August 1st

  • Shaundi's dating show "I wanna sleep with Shaundi" debuts.

October 12th

  • Planet Saints clothing stores open.



  • Kinzie Kensington is fired from the FBI due to Matt Miller exposing Kinzie being into kink and framing her for selling secrets to terrorists.

August 8th

September 9th 18:59

September 10th 02:24

September 10th 02:44

Mid September

  • The Protagonist and Pierce Washington goes to visit Rim Jobs and Planet Saints, and were attacked by the Morningstar.
  • The Saints attack a Morningstar Penthouse and claim it as their Steelport HQ.

Late September



  • The Deckers were defeated and Matt Miller escapes from Steelport.
  • Josh Birk gets captured by and defects to the Saints.
  • The Saints HQ get's attacked and left badly damaged.

December 3rd

December 4th

  • Cyrus Temple enacts Martial Law and locks down Downtown Steelport.

December 4th-20th

  • Apparice Island is contaminated and investigated with Zombies.
  • Killbane is challenged to a fight by The Protagonist after Killbane's opponents are eliminated


January 5th

January 7th-8th

  • Kia and a group of STAG soldiers plot a scheme to frame the Saints as terrorists and sets up bombs on Magarac Island. Soldiers also starts to kidnap some Saints and Burt Reynolds

January 9th

  • STAG and the Luchadores got to war, resulting in the Saints joining in.
  • During the fight, Shaundi and Viola DeWynter are ambushed and captured.
  • The Protagonist find out that Killbane is escaping, but Shaundi, Viola and Burt Reynolds will be killed if he goes after Killbane.
  • The Protagonist removes the bombs, killed Kia and saved Shaundi, Viola and Burt.
  • The Luchadores are defeated and escapes Killbane.
  • STAG is forced out of Steelport, disgraced and tired from their fight with the Saints and the Syndicate.

January 18th

  • Cyrus Temple was put under review after what happened in Steelport, with officials questioning Cyrus's leadership and motives.

Januray 20th

  • Kia's scheme was uncovered and branded a terrorist, resulting in an investigation in STAG's operations and soldiers.
  • Cyrus Temple was questioned about Kia's internal affairs and actions as well as his own.

February 5th-22nd

  • Genkibowl VII takes place.

Feburary 25th

March 10th

  • Cyrus Temple dishonorably-discharged for misconduct, property damage, unnecessary loss of life and kidnapping.

March 18th

  • Gangstas in Space beings filming.

April 22nd

  • Cyrus Temple joins a terrorist group and is branded a traitor and terrorist by the United States Government after official discovers a batch of weapons were stolen, as Cyrus was the only (former) high ranking official that could access such weapons.

May 31st

June 4th

  • MI6 and the FBI gains intelligence that Cyrus Temple is plotting against the United States Government.

June 10th

  • Cyrus Temple is discovered to be preparing to launch a nuclear warhead on America, prompting emergency action.

June 12th

  • The Saints are requested by the United States Government and MI6 to help assassinate Cyrus Temple before he can attack America.

June 14th

October 29th

  • Current President's term set to end on the 4th January as a vote of no-confidence.

November 1st

November 15th


January 4th

  • The Protagonist wins the presidential elections, and is soon sworn in as President, and elects his cabinet members.

Timeline 1


July 16th 15:43

  • Zinyak attacks Earth and abducts The Protagonist and the cabinet, as well as hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

July 17th

  • The so-called last day of Earth before Zinyak destroys it, unknown to the Saints initially that Earth was not destroyed.

Sometime after

  • The Saints are rescued.
  • Saints Row IV ends: Zinyak is killed.
  • The Saints discover Earth was not destroyed.
  • The Saints discover that they can modify the time machine to turn back time permanently.

Timeline 2


January 10th 12:00

  • The Saints return to this date after using the time machine to rewind time, taking with them some Zin technology (most notably infantry weapons) and Johnny Gat.
  • Zinyak discovers Gat missing but is still unaware of what the Saints have done.

January 15th


  • The Saints approve for Ultor to research and develop Zin technology, as well as reverse-engineer and produce Zin weapons, founding the Saints/Ultor Zin Technology Center.

July 4th

  • The planetary defense system was complete.

August 1st

August 2nd

  • The planetary defense system successful cripples the Zin Empire and kills most of their forces.
  • The cabinet and secret service manages to save the White House.
  • The Protagonist uses the Stolen Power Armour to kill Zinyak.
  • The Zin bow down to The Protagonist after their leader was killed.

August 3rd

  • Surviving Zin are sent home by their new leader (The Protagonist) and the Zin agree to end all military action and declare a permanent truce.
  • Global celebration was made to honor The Protagonist and his cabinet for saving the Earth against the Zin and building a peace treaty.
  • Zin technology given to the Saints/Ultor Zin Technology Center.

August 12th 13:50

  • The Protagonist shocks America when he declares that he's steeping down as President and most of the cabinet is leaving as well.

August 13th

Mid August

  • The Saints goes looking around for Morningstar base of operations and clearing them out.
  • Shaundi goes looking for a sexually orientated job.
  • The Saints get recalled back to the HQ when The Protagonist get's injured after getting run over.

August 18th

  • Shaundi get's given a bottle of wine and get's back to her apartment and drinks the tainted drink, passing out shaking in bed feeling sick.

August 19th 5:24

  • Shaundi wakes up early, although she finds herself feeling abnormally perky and excited but confused and feels like she changing, and results in her going out for a walk.

August 19th 5:57

  • A bunch of thugs assault Shaundi who try to sexual exploit her, but the thugs end up getting unconventionally killed and makes the Saint lieutenant flee the scene confused and shocked.

August 19th 6:13

August 19th Around 11:00

August 19th 22:10

  • Shaundi heads to a brothel after her aroused feelings got worse and goes to look to alleviate them. She ends up finding her sexual talents have improved overnight and finds out afterwards that she has access to Super Powers.

August 20th

  • Shaundi visits a doctor for emergency testing to see what has happened to her.
  • The Sinister Mafia makes their presence known when they attack the Saints.
  • The Sinister Mafia tries to capture Kinzie at her warehouse but fails after the Saints repelled the attack.
  • Pierce was sent back to Stilwater to deal with the press but finds the Sinister Mafia and Morningstar had established their presence in the city.

August 20th-26th

August 27th

  • Shaundi finds out that she was genetically altered and had evolved, confirming her Super Powered nature was unnatural and that she was also sexually evolved.
  • Shaundi returned to her ex's-apartment in a fit of rage and breaks down.

August 28th

  • Johnny Gat goes to the Ex-Luchador tower and the Sinister Mafia ambushes him, leading to the Saints to go and rescue him.
  • The Ex-Luchador tower was badly and suffered structural damage, and Shaundi managed to get Johnny out of the tower.