shaundi with tony

Tony Skar was a gang leader turned 3rd street saint.

Early life

Tony was an orphan since birth and would often beat up other orphans.a drunken man threw a gun through the window,and tony shot the orphanage workers saying i will show captors no mercy.

leader of the backstreet breakers

When he turned 20 he formed the backstreet breakers,a gang local to stillwater.They hung out in an abandoned games room in the old pub.recieving guns from the guard armoury's suuply trucks.They managed to avoid the third street saints.That's when he met shaundi.They were friends for a year before Tony never heard from her again.When he met Johnny gat,he killed his least loyal homies and kept the rest for when he joined the saints.

life as a saint


tony in steelport

In steelport,Tony became a bodyguard for saints HQ.He trained with angel to the point where he was at physical perfection.

president's bodyguard.

when he was recruited by oleg to be one of the boss' bodyguards,Tony accepted.Tony threw a Zin ship into space and escaped with the boss.