The Untitled Saints Row Spin-off is an open world science fiction spiritual successor to the Saints Row series.


The game takes place a few years after Saints Row IV and begins a whole new story, with a new set of characters and a new protagonist. Taking place on an alien planet founded by the Saints Empire, an enhanced super soldier must help defend a city from a universal terrorist threat.

The game - like Saints Row - is an open world third person game with roleplay elements. It takes place in a futuristic alien city on another planet. It is set in the Saints Row universe and has Easter Eggs throwing back to the original Saints Row series.


  • The main character is an enhanced super soldier, who is tasked with protecting a city from a terrorist threat. This character, like the 3rd Street Saints Protagonist, can be fully customized.
  • Shaundi - Shaundi will make an appearance in the game, both in her "Future" Shaundi appearance (from How the Saints Save Christmas) and a healthier Shaundi with shorter hair, from the "fixed" timeline.

The Protagonist from the original Saints Row series will be mentioned, but not physically seen. They are still the leader of the Saints Empire.

Gangs and organizations

  • A government named the Saints Empire will appear, however will not be an antagonistic force and instead what the new main character works for. They deal in threats of terrorism against the universe.
  • The game will feature a universal terrorist organization, who will threaten the new planet. Under their command will be 3 (yet to be named) gangs. Their role will be similar to the Syndicate.

Other references to Saints Row

  • The "Saints Empire" is mentioned, who were founded after the downfall of the Zin Empire. They are the leaders of the new planet, which was founded in memory of the destroyed earth in Saints Row IV.
  • Collectible audio logs (similar to Saints Row IV) will appear, mentioning events from the past Saints Row series, and what had happened since Saints Row IV.
  • The new Regicide book based off the events of the Zin Invasion by Benjamin King will be mentioned, similar to how the original novel was referenced to in Saints Row 2.
  • A church similar to the Saint's Row Church will appear in the new alien city, and will have a graveyard plot dedicated to fallen past 3rd Street Saints members.
  • The Nyte Blayde franchise will be referenced to through radio ads and billboards, and will mention how Matt Miller is in charge of the franchise (reference to the Saints Row IV mission "Nytefall"). The Gangstas in Space series will also be referenced, with a new film inspired by the Zin invasion.