Victor Charlie
Victor Charlie




Steelport (Saints Row: Rise of the Elite)




Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet


Elite Mercenaries


Mr. Mercenary


Enhanced Heavy Pistol
Battle SMG
Heavy Combat Rifle
Combat Knife


Leader of the Elite Mercenaries
Marine (Formerly)


Vicki Charlie

Victor Charlie also known as Mr. Mercenary is the leader of the Elite Mercenaries


Victor Charlie was an veteran of the United States Marine Corps Who after serving 10 years with 753 confirmed kills he still wanted do more when he retired. So he started taking contracts as an Mercenary for hire.

Saints Row: Rise of the Elite

Victor was hired by non other than Syndicate leader Phillipe Loren to take care of some of the rival gang leaders in Steelport at the time. He was also tasked with working with a number of Mercenaries who he knew as fellow soldiers some of which he served with. After taking care of the gang leaders Phillipe could now established his Syndicate in Steelport. After they received they're reward Victor and some of his new Mercenary friends formed the Elite Mercenaries with Victor under the name Mr. Mercenary acting as their leader.

Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet

Victor was contacted by Mr. Sinister who wanted to hire the Elite Mercenaries as extra man power and fire power to help destroy the 3rd Street Saints. With Mr. Sinister offering a large some of money Victor sends his Mercenaries to help him and his Sinister Mafia. But after Mr. Sinisters death he ended all contracts against the Saints until Mr. Sinister's successor Mister Purple offers him more money to have his Elite Mercenaries comeback to fight the Saints.


He is a bald Caucasian man in his early forties with many facial scaring from his military days with no eye brows and a bread. In terms of clothing he's been usually seen in his Ultor Armor uniquely painted salmon colored red with a green trim. But when he is out of his Armor he wears a white tank top with green pants, a holster for his gun, and black boots.


  • He is the only Mercenary that is seen with out his Armor.
  • He is the only Mercenary with a salmon red and green colored Armor (Most likely to show his status as leader and founder).
  • Although he is only featured in two cutscenes of Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet. He serves as a hidden Tertiary Antagonist do to him being the leader of the Elite Mercenaries.