Viola DeWynter




Deceased (Main series)


Saints Row: The Third (2011)


3rd Street Saints

Viola DeWynter was the second in command to Phillipe Loren and later a member of the 3rd Street Saints.


The Sinister Three

Viola finds herself the target of a kidnap plot by the Sinister Three. Along with Shaundi they are forced to witness the murder of Fun Shaundi at the hands of Mr. Sinister.

Third Street Girls

Viola forms an unlikely alliance with Shaundi in order to take down the Sinister Three.

Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet'

Viola is still working in the Saints and helps their financial state and manage day-to-day business affairs (like with Phillipe Loren). She is seen creating art pieces throughout the games and seems to be a little more laid back.

She does at one point during the story, get contracted by Jacques Loren who meet with Viola years ago with Phillipe and offers her a chance to rejoin the Morningstar. While Viola's alliance was shaken up, she does try to remain neutral but after Super Slut bugs one of Jacques hideouts and Kinzie discovers video feed with the meetings and a recent phone call between them. Viola was confronted by most of the Saints and revealed all she knows about Jacques.

After the Saints know all about Jacques and where he wants to meet Viola, they convince her to act as a distraction and proves to be almost successful as the Morningstar leader was almost killed by Super Slut but a group of Elite Mercenaries saves him at the last minute. After the Sinister Mafia ambushes them, Viola manages to escape from the ambush thanks to Pierce.




  • Completing the Trafficking activities unlocks Viola's Bloody Canoness Outfit.



Saints Row series

  • Saints Row: The Third
  • Saints Row IV (mentioned) (cut)
    • Enter the Dominatrix (mentioned)
  • Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (unreleased)

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