Warren Williams holding a GDHC 50 during 3rd Street Vice Kings

Warren Williams in Saints Row

Warren Williams was a Lieutenant until his takeover of the Vice Kings


Before Warren joined the vice Kings he was just a winnable rapper in Stilwater that was the case before Dawg amd Benjamin King came along.

Near the events of saints row Warren had became a top lieutenant in the Vice Kings. But Warren wanted more power show he made plan with Tanya, and her boyfriend Big Tony. They hatched a plan to overthrow King but to do show they wpuld have to kill his second in command Dawg. Show Warren called Dawg and said King wanted to have a meeting with in at the old abandon warehouse as. When Dawg walked in he asked tony were King was. Warren laughed and said "You don't have to worry about King no more". Before Dawg could react Tony shot him in the leg. Dawg threating Warren that King kill him made Warren laughed. Then after word Tony shot Dawg in the head killing him instantly.

After the Saints enforcer Bob Wilson kill Kings bodyguard Big Tony they Warren and Tony set their plan in motion with their fellow Vice Kings by their side Warren complained about his frustrations with the 3rd Street Saints then Kings takes Warrens head and pushes it against the trying to remind Warren about how they do things under Kings Leadership. King advised Warren that he should drop his flags and leave town. But then Tanya and Vice King walk in the office then Warren remarks Kings saying "I built...I watched...and now I'm acting". Then vice tried to kill but King would not go down without a fight so Warren shot him but King escaped with the help of Bob Wilson. Warren then tried to king them his self in his Rattler. But Bob managed to total his Rattler leaving Warren in the wreckage. As Warren was getting out of the wreckage Tanya came up to him and shot him killing Warren.