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X-139 drug is a prototype drug in Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet


The development of the X-139

The X-139 drug was designed by Ultor's Medical division in conjunction with the Saints/Ultor Zin Technology Center (who supplied the tech required) as part of a request for amplifying a person's sex drive.

The drug was tested out extensively on live animal subjects and later in trace amounts on humans, and was discovered that a large enough dose could give any subject an extreme sex drive, and could make them physically capable of long term activity. The later versions would improve the subjects stamina, strength and reduce their aging drastically, with a working prototype prepared to be used in public. The first person to be given the drug would be Shaundi, who was given a drink spiked with the X-139 and would rapidly feel the sexual effects of the drug.

Side effects

However, the X-139 had a serious side effect from the chemicals that the Saints/Ultor Zin Technology Center supplied to make the drug work and change a person's genetics. The main side effect is that witnessed in Shaundi, she was given Super Powers that the Zin used and could mix her sexual mentality with her Super Powers for her own uses, as well as attacks and could control people with it. Shaundi also gained resistance to pain and her fighting ability had also been improved.