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  • Unknown (Presumed Dead) (Saints Row series)
  • Deceased (Sinister series)
  • Alive (Saints Strumpet)

Zimos is the pimp for the Saints in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet.


Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet

Zimos returns in Tales of the Saints Strumpet and continues to control the prostitution aspect of the Saints, and had no expanded his operations into Stilwater.

He one of two main Saints responsible for the Trafficking activity and the main person responsible for the Ho Snatch activity. He is continuing to send catalogs to customers and continues to get Super Slut and occasionally Bob Wilson to help rescue hos from the Morningstar and another faction that are helping them.

Half-way into the story, when Super Slut get's agitated about how long the Morningstar have survived and how much they've left to run rampant for too long, Zimos makes a harsh remark about how much Shaundi has Bob Wilson wrapped around her finger and how unfit she is as a lieutenant. Zimos get's violent attacked by Shaundi when she uses her telekinesis on him and threatens to kill him if he insults her again, which makes him slightly timid around her and backs down from the harsh remarks.

Sinister Series

See: The Sinister Three, Third Street Girls.

Zimos had attempted to warn the Boss about the Sinister Three's actions and them taking over Steelport. He was captured and taken back to the stables at Safeword and asked by Mr. Sinister to help run his brothel. Zimos refused as he was still loyal to the 3rd Street Saints and refused to sexually abuse either Shaundi and (despite their differences) Viola. Mr. Sinister then proceeded to sadistically torture Zimos, declaring he was no better than the Sinister Three.

Zimos corpse was laid to lie underground. During a rescue at Safeword, Cypher had came across Zimos corpse but declared him deceased to Shaundi and Viola. Shaundi had felt guilt as it one point she threatened to shove his auto tune cane down his throat (the murder method that Mr. Sinister finally carried out).




  • Completing the Escort activities unlocks Zimos's Horse Racing Outfit.



Saints Row series

  • Saints Row: The Third
  • Saints Row IV (mentioned)
  • Enter the Dominatrix

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