Zin IV: Enter the Saints is an alternative take on the Saints Row IV story, which features Zinyak as the main player character and the Zin allies, but making the Boss the main antagonist along with the 3rd Street Saints.

In a new timeline, the Protagonist is chairman of the Ultor-Saints Corporation and a ruthless dictator of Stilwater. Expanding his operations to Steelport, the Protagonist begins plans for traveling the universe and looking for new worlds to mine on.

On Planet Zin, Zinyak is the newly elected President of Zinland. During a conference the Saints arrive and begin invading, killing Zin. Zinyak finds himself abducted and placed into a simulation created by Matt Miller, the Boss' new servant. Zinyak begins saving his homies, such as his chief of staff Zinjai and Vice President Jane Austen and they battle the invading Saints. Zinyak has a battle with the Boss, who is dressed in an Iron Saint clad of armour and rips his head off. Zinyak takes the Saints Ship and heads towards earth, telling his homies that they are "going on a little field trip".